If you’ve never used a virtual assistant, or had any previous business consultancy work before, it can be a bit daunting diving into the unknown, so here’s what some of Virtual 2 Reality’s previous customers have to say about me and how I’ve helped them and their business:

Helena Tyce
Helena Tyce Designs

Donna is always there to ease the load when the going gets tough! She is kind, professional and reassuring – all the qualities you need when you’re in a tail-spin and need support!

Occupational Therapist

As a consultant occupational therapist, I was very nervous about having a personal assistant remotely as the content of my business is highly sensitive and must be kept confidential and treated with the greatest of respect. Donna was recommended from a colleague of mine and I have to say from the moment of contracting her…

Kirstie Mackintosh
Little Legs Ltd

When I first started my business I didn’t have a clue about social media at all and felt really overwhelmed. I had looked at similar businesses but they weren’t quite me. I was recommended Donna by Andrea Wilde – and set up a meeting. We spent hours together (distracted chat by love of animals and…

Phillip Evans
Enable Finance

Donna has been my right hand in business for over 17 years, without her attention to detail and organisation skills things don’t get done. I couldn’t have grown my Companies without her.

Katherine Bellchambers
The Nottingham Herbalist

Donna and Virtual 2 Reality stepped in when I was overwhelmed and not coping very well. She organised my social media and made sensible suggestions about how I could better organise myself. Nothing was too much trouble and she frequently made my social media look better than I ever could. She’s clever and money saving…

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