Websites (in the main) are the foundations of our business. They can bring us new enquires which can turn into lucrative business for us! If your website doesn’t shout loud enough about what you do (on the front and in the background), it can be lost in the noise on the internet and your competitors may win over and above you!

Why did I outsource my own 2 business websites to the experts?

As a Business Consultant and with a great deal of business experience in various fields, why didn’t I just do them myself? The answer took some time coming to me but when I weighed up the time I was spending on developing my skills to understand websites in the background and the time it was actually taking me to input all the information, ensure it was listed in the search engines, that it looked good and ensuring the site was hosted somewhere safe and secured, it became very clear.

I soon realised that the time this was taking me (way too much time and causing me to burn the candle at both ends), that I could be doing something else in my business of which is my main strength and earns me income.

How did I come across my recommended website company?

It was fate really. I was working for one of my clients who needed some advice on her website and assistance with GDPR. She requested that I liaise directly with her website developer so that we could get it sorted without her being distracted from her business. Having worked with Mark on various occasions, I quickly become VERY impressed with his work ethics. At all times, the attention to detail, professionalism, the standard of work and turnaround time was outstanding. I continued to monitor this for a while before finally flying my own white flag and giving his company the go-ahead to take over my websites.

This website you are on has been designed by Mark.

What can this website company do for me?

This company works on a subscription model which means there are no development fees and you pay month by month. This also means they are committed to keeping it up to date and working on all devices and want to work with you to keep it up-to date. All their sites are;

  • Professionally Designed
  • Mobile Optimised
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Fast and Easy to Use
  • Inclusive of Unlimited Changes and Updates
  • Super Fast fully managed Secure UK Hosting
  • Remote Backups, Security Patching and Updates

Where can I find out more?

If you feel that you and your business needs some additional support whilst you focus on what you love and what you do best, simply contact me personally by inputting your contact details below:

    We are an affiliate of the service provider and can offer exclusive rates and services. We may be paid commission if you buy from our referral. As we are an affiliate and the service is offered by a third party, we shall have no liability whatsoever in any circumstances to you in relation to the their services (including in relation to any consequential loss of any type whatsoever) other than in relation to matters for which we are not lawfully able to limit or exclude our liability.

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